The Scoop on Sunscreen

From the cellular level to the surface level, we care about the health of your entire skin! This includes protecting it from skin cancer. From Spring break to vacations, yard work, trips to the playground and in everyday life, sunscreen is a necessity.

According to a study published earlier this year in the International Journal of Cancer, 91% of melanoma cases that occurred between 2011-2015, can be attributed to ultraviolet radiation exposure. Because so many cases of skin cancer are linked to ultraviolet radiation, it is important to make sure you are applying sunscreen every day!

We have three types of sunscreen that we recommend to our patients based on different needs!

The first one is the ZO Sunscreen + Primer with an SPF level of 30. We love this product because it doubles as a primer-- which takes one more step out of our skincare routine in the morning! Wash your face, apply your moisturizer with this sunscreen, and then finish it off with your favorite Jane Iredale powder and you’re good to go!

The second option is the ZO Daily Sheer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with an SPF level of 50. The ingredients in this product absorb UV rays and disperse them before they can damage your skin. This sunscreen is perfect to put on after moisturizer, and then follow with your normal make-up routine!

Our third option is the ZO Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with an SPF level of 50. This is the perfect option to use whenever you are about to be outside all day! Like our other two sunscreens, the Smart Tone Sunscreen is water and perspiration resistant. It also does not clog pores and blends well into the skin!

With any type of sunscreen, it is important to remember these tips whenever applying and reapplying:

  • Use a shot glass size to cover the whole body.

  • For the face, use one pump of any of the ZO Sunscreens listed above for full coverage.

  • Don’t forget to apply in commonly missed places; such as the lips, hairline, and ears.

  • The lower your SPF level, the more you have to reapply! Just because you have a high SPF level, DOES NOT mean you do not have to reapply.

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